Cold Blooded Review

Thoughtful and delivered with true soul is Brandon Rose’s “Cold Blooded”. With impeccable flow Brandon Rose’s production feels positively lush. Stylistically “Cold Blooded” runs the gamut from trap to electro, all of which is fully anchored by catchy hooks that abound throughout. Beats hit hard as the song virtually demand to be blasted as loud as possible. Woven within the collection is a vast array of samples that help add to the overall kaleidoscopic, at times playful, approach to the sound. Over the course of “Cold Blooded” Brandon Rose shows off his ambition in life, the ups and downs of relationships, with the ultimate result of trying to find a gray area to try to survive. Tt is this narrative that helps to tie the entire collection together, with each song serving as a chapter in a much larger story.

With glistening keys “Forever feat. Chino” opens the collection on a high note. On “In The Shadows” Brandon Rose’s delivery is impeccable as living in the shadows, away from the light, highlights an entire way of life. By far the highlight is the inviting sound of “Throggs Neck City feat. Kami, Dyl Stunna”. A tense sample serves as the center of the piece nicely meshed with a memorable groove driving the sound forward. Best of all is the snapshot of a world that is full of vibrant detail. Anxious to its very core is the darkened hues of “Bloody Money”. Minimal in nature is the slick “Maserati (Pull Up)”. Tender in tone is the lovely airy “Living Without You”. Bringing the collection to a satisfying conclusion is the soothing work of “To The Sky feat. Alexis Thomas”.

Brandon Rose’s “Cold Blooded” is a highly articulate, infinitely catchy collection the kind of thing that shows what being real sounds like.